We are all in this together. We are now sending out orders once a week (Wed/Thur) and have flexibility on returns dates. Stay well

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It's been 10 years!

Tamay and I met 10 years ago ... we have both stuck at it and can't really believe where we have got to now. This image is a drawing I did when the original idea to work together came about and it was this drawing that inspired our brand name 'Tamay & Me'

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The Bristol Studio

Welcome! This is where the Me part of Tamay & Me happens. Run by Me, Hannah, this is where the logistics happen, where the orders go out from and where the purses and bags are currently made.  In the heart of Old Market, Bristol, Tamay & Me is based at the Bristol Textile Quarter, a hub for textile businesses to work alongside each other. It feels like home. I could say that since the beginning, 3 years ago, the UK side of Tamay & Me has been just Me, but it is not true. The Textile Quarter has enabled me to work alongside and collaborate with the most talented women who have shared both their wisdom and skills. Working with Naomi Wood to create beautiful photographic content has been a highlight,...

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Fashion Revolution

My advice (for you as well as myself) for this years Fashion Revolution:  1. Go to yoga (or something that makes you feel good) before you go shopping!  2. Make a Pinterest board to work out your style, that is going to make you feel great, before you go shopping.  3. Stop judging people around you for what they wear - this is a horrible old habit that makes us all feel bad!  4. Be confident to be yourself and to wear what you need to wear - be proud.  5. Don’t feel guilty - it doesn’t help anyone.  6. Enjoy making yourself feel beautiful so you can be happy and make other people happy too. 

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