How to Mend a Hole

A hole in a well-loved garment is almost inevitable and therefore should not signal a time for it be thrown away. Instead use this opportunity to make your garment unique. In this blog I’ll go through the basic steps of how to patch a hole, but I would really encourage you to go further than just this; use contrasting thread, add hand stitched details over the top, don’t try and hide it, make it a visible mend. Enjoy the fact that the reason you’re doing this is because you’ve loved this garment for so long that now it needs some TLC. Be proud of your mending.
Firstly, you’ll need a few things:
 A patch of fabric – you need something that’s of a similar weight to the garment you’re mending. I’d suggest something contrasting.
Material with hole in, patch to cover hole, chalk, thread, pins, needle and scissors

For reference: “right side” of fabric means the outside of the garment, “wrong side” of fabric means the inside of the garment.

Step 1

 On the right side of the fabric mark out the hole, this includes the weakened parts too, with pins either side. Place another set of pins about a centimetre out from these.

Hole in fabric 

Step 2

 Cut out a template from some cardboard/paper, for the shape you want your visible mend to be. I have used a circle. It should be the same distance as between your two inner pins. Draw around this template and then draw around this about a centimetre away. Cut out the inner circle.

TemplateCircle drawn around templateLarger circle drawn aroundCut out inner circle

 Step 3

Backstitch around the outer hole for strength and then cut up to this line all the way around. Turn your garment inside out and iron these flaps back to allow the fabric to sit flat.

Backstitch around circleCut up to backstitched line

Step 4

Cut out your patch in a rectangle that it at least 5cm longer and wider than the hole. On the wrong side of the garment, place the right side of the patch face down, with hole in the centre. Pin it into place.

Patch covering hole

Patch pinned in place

 Step 5

Hand stitch around the edge of the patch. A slanting hemming stitch works well.

On the right side of your garment hand stitch the edge of the oval to finish it. 

Patch stitch around hole

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