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We are committed to making garments that respect the people and the land of northern Vietnam in the same way that their traditional clothes have been made for centuries.  We are not taking part in Black Friday as we are not able to reduce our prices without cutting the pay of people in our team.  Instead we will share our commitment to sustainability  We are committed to having a happy working team who want to keep working with us. This means, cotton growers, textile artists, photographers and interns. We are committed to being aware of our environmental impact, we are not perfect but we trying our best.  We are committed to natural fibres and natural dyes wherever possible.  We are committed...

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Our Launch event at The Forge, Bristol, a summary.

Last Thursday, 21st November, we launched our new collection in Bristol. It was a great evening, and a monumental one for our brand, as we welcomed Lucy from Mountain Threads into the fold! Woo hoo! Lucy's presentation about all the processes was something else. The depth and detail of what, and who, goes into each garment was captivating. Keep your eyes peeled as this information will be up on the 'process' and 'about us' pages of the website shortly. My introduction to the evening was heartfelt, emotional and a little jumbled, as ever! This is what I wanted to say :  see below I thought it might be nice to read as a blog - enjoy ...    Welcome everyone...

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TAMAY & ME New Collection Launch

NEW COLLECTION LAUNCH a collaboration with  Mountain Threads - Textiles & Cultures of Northern Vietnam  Tamay & Me and Mountain Threads have been working with new textile communities to develop exquisite new jackets, scarves, cushions and more. We have teamed up with Ntxhais, an expert natural dyer; a team in Ban Ho village who are specialists in indigo dying, stitch and tie resist; and have been working on hand woven belts and other pipeline projects.  All the pieces created are based on textile traditions and designed in collaboration with artisans to promote their skills now and for the future.    We want to share our stories with you.    Hannah from Tamay & Me and Lucy from Mountain Threads will...

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Tamay & Me are delighted to announce we are collaborating !

Tamay & Me are collaborating with Mountain Threads. After so many years of Tamay & Me working together on our jackets in Taphin Village we have teamed up with the wonderful Lucy Patterson from Mountain Threads - Textiles and Cultures of Northern Vietnam to work on a new collection.  It is very exciting. We are pooling our knowledge, skills and resources to develop what we do and do more !  Lucy has been working in the mountains of North Vietnam for over 6 years gathering knowledge about the traditional cultures of Northern Vietnam. Working with many local connections and developing friendships, she has travelled the mountains collating fieldwork and extensive research, asking tonnes of questions about people and textiles, to...

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