A Circular System and Regenerative Fashion

Our aim at Tamay & Me is to be as sustainable as possible for our artisans and for the environment. We originally started with selling vintage pieces and jackets were our best sellers so Hannah and Tamay wanted to find a way to make new jackets like the old ones. Together they went on a journey to find the people who still had the skill to make the jackets as they have always been made. We discovered the Mien processes are perfect for making regenerative textiles. The cotton and indigo are homegrown, without pesticides, in villages in North Vietnam. Tamay goes on a 3 hour motorbike journey to buy the cloth directly from the producers. The jackets are made from 100% cotton and are naturally dyed making them biodegradable, creating a circular textiles system.

Before the jackets are ready to be composted, we recommend mending them and upgrading them for a longer life. In our other blog posts we show how you can cover stains and a mend hole. We are really inspired by the work of @selinaam05 on instagram if you need further ideas. This can be transferred to all of your clothes to make them last longer and be more sustainable. We also recommend contacting Danielle @bettypercy3333 on instagram to get your jackets up-cycled and mended.

We don’t like seeing any jacket left unworn so we also offer to buy back old jackets that have served their time with you. Send me an email at amy@tamayandme.com or message on instagram for details on selling back your jacket to give it another life and be on the journey of making our textiles more circular.

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