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Fashion Revolution

My advice (for you as well as myself) for this years Fashion Revolution:  1. Go to yoga (or something that makes you feel good) before you go shopping!  2. Make a Pinterest board to work out your style, that is going to make you feel great, before you go shopping.  3. Stop judging people around you for what they wear - this is a horrible old habit that makes us all feel bad!  4. Be confident to be yourself and to wear what you need to wear - be proud.  5. Don’t feel guilty - it doesn’t help anyone.  6. Enjoy making yourself feel beautiful so you can be happy and make other people happy too. 

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I think it is time to plant the cotton and indigo seeds ...

hannah asked me to write about growing. the calendar that i have been born into tells me it is ‘spring equinox’ today. my fingers - raw cracked and remembering tell me that last week i was planting beans, broccoli, tomatoes, lettuce.   i suppose with some sort of faith that they would grow. and, also, knowing that this was not inevitable. learning, in fact, that it was not inevitable those fingers who planted them would be the fingers who ate them.   and so – with things being put in the soil my mind turns to ground. to earth. to bedrock. from the south west of these celtic isles, i wonder about the land we find ourselves on and discover...

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