It's been 10 years!

10 years ago Tamay & Me met in the old Sapa market, we wanted to share some of our sweet and geeky history in celebration...
We are so delighted to have stuck at it over all the years, shear determination to complete something slowly and steadily, just like embroidery.
Thank you for coming on the journey with us! 
(Apologies for the photo quality, all the original images have been lost) 

November 2008 Tamay's house Taphin Village

A film I made in 2010

(I am not a film maker, beware there is an awkwardly long chicken shot !) 

 Sewing with Tamay's Mother December 2008

Old Sapa Market 2008 

 Tamay & Me 2010 at Portabello market , London


 First ever photo shoot with vintage Embroidered Jacket,

Hampstead Heath London





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