Tamay & Me are delighted to announce we are collaborating !

Tamay & Me are collaborating with Mountain Threads.

After so many years of Tamay & Me working together on our jackets in Taphin Village we have teamed up with the wonderful Lucy Patterson from Mountain Threads - Textiles and Cultures of Northern Vietnam to work on a new collection. 

It is very exciting. We are pooling our knowledge, skills and resources to develop what we do and do more ! 

Lucy has been working in the mountains of North Vietnam for over 6 years gathering knowledge about the traditional cultures of Northern Vietnam. Working with many local connections and developing friendships, she has travelled the mountains collating fieldwork and extensive research, asking tonnes of questions about people and textiles, to document and map the traditional cultures of North Vietnam. 

Our work together maintains the same principles that Tamay and I set out with when we first started up. We want to work with what is there, with artisans who already have magnificent skills, and to join together the dots to create products that encourage traditional textile skills, that are by nature environmentally sustainable with natural processes and minimal waste.

In July, Lucy travelled with Tamay, collecting indigo cloth, working with natural dyes, experimenting with weaves and talking with seamstresses about making new, very old designs. 

With me on WhatsApp calls from Bristol, alongside my new baby Sia, we have come up with a very exciting new collection that is almost complete, we are ecstatic and slightly terrified as we have so far entirely self funded the project. 

We can't wait to share it with you. It is all looking wonderful, we even have a new colour, sneak preview below! Follow our instagram to see more of the whole process and follow the journey @tamayandme 

Wish us all luck with the final leg of the journey and stay tuned to find out more.


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    So great!!

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