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A guest blog by Sophie Burns

Inspired by the previous blog post Sophie wrote to me to ask to write a guest post... enjoy this wisdom    I have been witness to the story of Tamay & Me for 8 years (and its inception another 8 years before that).  It is the sort of love story that seems to get deeper with time.  It carries a kind of enlivenment – a rare and sacred thing, especially in these times.    To bear witness is a beautiful and humbling role.  I also believe it to be necessary.  For what are we humans to do if not shed some tears for and sing the love songs of that which we propose to learn from? Surely this could be a...

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Love Story: Dearest Jacket

Dearest jacket, Thank you for your beauty. The pinks the blues and and all your hues. You are so soft and gentle. You remind me of the time I spent in Vietnam back in 2008, the months I spent with Tamay and the extraordinary process of sitting and sewing for hours and hours. You helped me to come of age. You have taken me though my hippy years when I rejected the society I came from and back again into womanhood and eventually home. You have inspired me to accept some things as they are and given me the courage to change the things I can. You represent how slowly slowly stitch by stitch I can make a difference. I...

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