Field Jacket in 12 dip Indigo





This is a very traditional men's jacket pattern from northern Vietnam that is worn in the fields everyday. 

Our jacket is made using handspun and woven Vietnamese cotton that is durable and looks better and better with time and wear.

The cloth is dip dyed 12 times with naturally fermented indigo.

The machine sewing is done by Chu.

The hand sewing is made by Man May. 


100% Cotton

Small-scale production, not certified organic but no chemicals are used.

Naturally fermented indigo dye. Dip dyed 21 times for a deeply saturated colour.


Handwash in cool water.
Line dry.
Hot iron.

We use ancient fermented indigo. There will be some colour rub when new so avoid contact with light colour fabrics and upholstery.


Tamay size chart


UK : £5

REST OF THE WORLD : £11 - 18

Jackets returned within 14 days can be refunded or exchanged.