When things slow down, ideas from Tamay & Me about what to do in self isolation part 1.


it's a series, not sure how long for ...

It's a difficult time for all of us right now, some people in particular, my heart goes to those who are struggling. For everyone, it is a time of change, for the moment and perhaps for a while? I am going to put some ideas out there for you to stay sane and well and even try to make it feel positive, if just for a moment. 

This series is all inspired by Tamay, our Mien half of Tamay & Me. She is a hero, she has always made her own clothes covered in tiny embroidery, she has always grown her own food and she has had it pretty hard until more recently. She is strong, and the most grounded person I know, I wanted to share some of her wisdom to strengthen us up at a vulnerable time.

 part 1.

Tamay has been in lockdown since the beginning of January , she says eat warm food, so here we go a recipe from Tamay for warm bellies

its super quick and easy to make

vegan and gluten free.



A pack of fresh tofu
3-4 fresh tomatoes 
A few spring onions 
Season with fish sauce and chilli if you want
How to make it:
Firstly cut up your tofu, roughly 2cm x 2cm 
Shallow fry the tofu in oil, more or less crispy as you like it
Put this aside
Cut up into chunks the tomatos
Stir fry these until soft with some salt and add the spring onions to soften too
Add the tofu back into the pan and heat it all through 
Put it in a bowl to serve with dipping bowls of fish sauce and chilli
Eat with rice and use chop sticks if you have them


Everything comes with rice in the mountains, mountains of home grown rice. It is totally delicious, even on it's own.

Tamay stores all her rice in the roof of her house. The seed is sewn in the spring in rice paddies, in June the seedlings are separated out to have space to grow big. The plants need lots of water and lots of sunshine, it usually grows well in the north Vietnamese mountains.

How to cook rice if you don't have a rice cooker 

Wash the rice really well, 4- 6 times until the water runs clear

in a saucepan,

1 part rice : 2 parts water

bring the rice to the boil 

then cover with a lid and reduce the heat to minimum

after 15 mins it is ready and totally yum

everyone likes it a bit over cooked in our house so there is a crunchy bit around the edge of the pan.


 Spring onions north Vietnam lockdown recipie ideas


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