Tamay is joining us in the UK from the 20th November to the 1st December!

We hope you will be able to make it to one of these events to meet her, 

Get in touch if you can't we might be able to make something else work.


 Wednesday 22nd November BRISTOL


Come and Chatter with Tamay, the Red Dzao half of Tamay & Me. (Hannah, the other half, works from our studio at BTQ HQ.)

 Drink tea (Tamay’s is green tea.) 

 Find just the right jacket for you.

 Bring your embroidery to share, interesting textile pieces you have made or treasure



Wednesday 22nd November, 10 am – 4pm 

 How to book:

Please contact Hannah to book an appointment (these will be limited:)

Email: me@tamayandme.com


Friday 24th November LONDON




_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Khadi: A new look at the original ethical cloth

The Khadi UK Initiative is holding an event on Friday November 24th at Fashion and Textile Museum, London SE1 3FX to raise awareness about Khadi and promote its potential as an ethical and environmentally friendly fabric. A free event with exhibition entry will be hosted by the Museum from 11.30 to 12.30 in the morning. This will be followed by an in-depth daytime workshop in the afternoon. We are honoured to be speaking as part of the afternoon workshop.



Sunday 26th November LONDON

An inspiring afternoon, just next to Maltby Street Market.

Bring your brunch for a brainstorm.

Let's put our heads together to discuss how we take the best bits of traditional culture, Tamay's ways (she will be explaining all) and combine it with the globally connected, contemporary way, to help build a positive future for us all and generations to come.

We are lucky enough to be joined by Tamay, from Taphin village in North Vietnam. Tamay has always made all her own clothes and lived her whole life in harmony with nature.

Come and hear her stories and ask lots of questions.

It promises to be a positive and inspiring afternoon.





 Wednesday 29th November BRISTOL

An evening event hosted at the Forge, Bristol 6pm-9pm 


Tamay tells her story :  her culture, the textiles, the future ...

This will be an engaging visual feast, we are going to take you travelling to the North Vietnamese mountains, discuss indigo, embroidery, ethical fashion and how important artisans are in that conversation. 


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