Tamay & Me Competition 2020

We have run this competition for two years now and it is a delight to see people all around the world wearing their jackets.

We are so happy to be doing it again and to be able to connect during this strange time of Covid-19. 


How to enter ?

There are 2 options, this year we wanted to be able to open the competition up to people who don't already have a jacket too.

Option 1: 

-Take a photo of your jacket ! 

It could be a selfie, styling your jacket in your favourite way? in your fave spot?

It could be a your jacket hanging up in a favourite corner of your house. 

It could be a photo of your kids, partner or sibling wearing your jacket they stole ! 

Be creative, it's your photo and if you want add a few words about why you like it, that would be lovely. 

-Post the photo on instagram if you use it and tag us in to make sure we see it. You can also use the hashtag #tamayandmecompetition OR email your photo to me@tamayandme.com and I will post it for you.


Option 2:

- Write a piece about jackets or our textiles.

It can be just vaguely related..

It could be about natural dyes, handwoven cloth or about embroidery.

It could be about fashion sustainability.

It could be about your lockdown wardrobe.

It could be about your travel adventures discovering textiles.

It could be about how you have always wanted a jacket but how you never got one for your birthday! 

-It's up to you, it can be illustrated or have images, it can be whatever you want it to be, we will be sharing these pieces on our blog. Again be creative ! 


The prizes, the deadline and how it will be judged ! 

 The prizes 

1 x £85 gift card for Tamay & Me 

4 x £25 gift cards  Tamay & Me 

The deadline 

3rd MAY 

How it will be judged ?

Our photographer Naomi Wood and my fashion sustainability hero Lizzie Harrison will judge the competition, based on quality, heart, soul or passion!! 


Have fun and good luck, Hannah x

Title photo credit : one of my favourite entires from 2019, Xiaoxue @seebyshadow 

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