unisex indigo embroidered jacket, organic cotton, summer jacket

Our unisex indigo dip-dyed and hand-embroidered jackets are the essential versatile addition to your summertime wardrobe.

Simplistic and durable by nature, yet intricately designed using carefully home-grown and hand-woven materials, these are truly unique jackets with a fascinating story.

Made in North Vietnam they embody the rare traditional skills of the Red Dzao and the Black Tay whose ancient skills are inherently slow and sustainable.

The ‘versatility’ of both our jackets is embedded in the natural fibres. Hand-spun and woven cotton has a very soft texture (like brushed cotton) which has the capacity to keep you both cool and warm – a light cover in the sun and wind, and comfortable extra-layer on colder evenings.

 We don’t produce new garments each season because these jackets are staples that have been worn by the Dzao for hundreds of years and only get better with time and wear. 


But we did want to inspire you with new imagery from Bristol’s Botanical Gardens photographed by Naomi Wood with Mia, Kola and Ella.


Indigo Jacket, natural dye, organic cotton

Indigo Jacket, natural indigo dye, organic cotton

Our summer staple Indigo jacket:

Lightweight, everyday wear.

The 6-dip jacket (lighter blue) is the most informal jacket and the 21-dip (a sophisticated very very deep blue) can be worn to work and for smarter events.

Indigo jacket, casual work jacket

Our hand-embroidered Indigo jacket:

Choose from our selection of entirely unique hand-embroidered jackets. Each one made using carefully selected vintage embroideries that support low income families from different villages in the Northern Vietnam.

These jackets go with everything, and can go everywhere. 

Oversized or more fitted it all works, ask us! We love helping you find the right one.


embroidered jacket, indigo jacket, summer jacket

Embroidered sleeves, traditional Dzao embroidery, vietnamese

Don’t be afraid to really wear-in your jackets. They are made to be hardy and resilient and unlike most clothes they look better with time. Plus, they can be easily hand-washed and hot-ironed.

6 dip embroidered jacket, Dzao, Mien, Vietnamese, hand embroidery


 embroidered jacket, summer jacket, indigo

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