We are committed to making garments that respect the people and the land of northern Vietnam in the same way that their traditional clothes have been made for centuries. 

We are not taking part in Black Friday as we are not able to reduce our prices without cutting the pay of people in our team. 

Instead we will share our commitment to sustainability 

We are committed to having a happy working team who want to keep working with us. This means, cotton growers, textile artists, photographers and interns.

We are committed to being aware of our environmental impact, we are not perfect but we trying our best. 

We are committed to natural fibres and natural dyes wherever possible. 

We are committed to using minimum packaging. 

We are committed to making durable garments that last. 

We are committed to zero waste product design. 

We don't comply to fashion seasons that create waste. 

We are totally inspired by the traditional, natural, Mien, Hmong, Tay and Thai ways of making clothes.


Enjoy #makefridaygreenagain and make considered purchases. 



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