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I’m Eliza and I’ve just joined the Tamay & Me team, so I thought I’d share a little bit about myself. Most of the time, I’m a student at the University of Bristol studying Psychology with Innovation. This is a course devoted to changing the world by using our academic specialisms in an entrepreneurial way. 


Eliza England founder of Me We


Just a couple of years ago I was blissfully unaware of the damage that fast fashion is causing our planet. My wardrobe chopped and changed with the seasons and almost all of my clothes were brand new and from large brands. I was really horrified when I learnt about the pain suffered by both people and planet for my fashion addiction and my outlook changed forever and so has my behaviour. I was really inspired to think of a way to combat fast fashion, even if just in a small way, and this led me to the idea of MeWe Fashion. This is a sustainable fashion company based on the lending and renting of clothes, mainly dresses, in order to increase the lifecycle of clothes. MeWe is now about a year old and used by students mainly. The idea is that lenders make money from clothes they don’t wear but are too fond of to sell, and renters get to wear lovely dresses for a very low price. Sadly, due to COVID-19 we are closed until further notice. I do really hope to revive MeWe when this is all over so that’s something to look forward. You can still find us on Instagram which is where we are based: @mewefashionuk.

   Me We Clothes Rental Bristol

Me We Clothes Rental Bristol

Me We Clothes Rental Bristol


  A brilliant outcome of MeWe is that it was through this endeavour that I met Hannah and found Tamay & Me. Having both spoken about our businesses on a sustainable fashion panel it was clear that our interests and aims overlapped. 


Me We Clothes Rental BristolTamay & Me Sustainable fashion

So more recently, when I’ve not been doing my degree or MeWe, I’ve been in the studio with Hannah and we are hoping to add a sample sale to Tamay & Me very soon. This will include vintage and second-hand pieces and there will also be items with slight imperfections which we hope to find a loving home for. These items have character and imperfect/preowned items will be sold for a reduced price. I will also add suggestions about how to make the most of these pieces be that from patches to mend them or ways to work with the 'faults' to make the item truly yours. 


This is just one of the ways that Tamay & Me is doing what the entire fashion industry needs to be doing in order to be kinder to our planet and our people. To reduce waste, we need to invest in ethically made items, contemplate buying second hand and appreciate imperfections. We need to treasure our clothes so that we wear them over and over, not just once. I hope that this sample sale will help you to do this. Until then have a look at the rest of our pieces which have also been made by happy and appreciated workers whilst also being considerate of our planet. 


I’m happy to chat if you have any questions or comments. 

Contact me through the contact us page saying hi Eliza !  



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