Tamay & Me is an almost all women business ...  

(We do have 1 man on the team.)
For me, the Dzao woman represents the ancient woman.
It is magnificent to see in real life. 
I have always romanticised the ancient woman. 
A connected woman.
A strong woman.  
The Dzao women are strong.
They are proud.
They rule the roost at home.
Almost all of them are the breadwinners.
Dzao women get up between 3-4 am each day.
They are farmers.
They are the most exceptional embroiderers.
They make their own clothes.
They have lots of kids.
They look after their elderly.
They cook healthy fresh food everyday.
They chat and gossip.
They move through each day at a gentle pace.
They don't do cleaning.
Most can't read or write.
They work really hard.
They are subject to domestic violence sometimes.
They laugh a lot.
They share.
They help each other out.
They have a tight community.
Tamay taught be how to give birth. 
She explained to me about how my baby would come on it's own. 
How I should stand up.
How I should be strong. 
How I too could be an ancient woman.
Because we all are.
And I was.
And it was wonderful...
And I am grateful to Tamay - forever - for teaching me this. 
But then I was a Mum .
Just like my Mum.
Just like her Mum. 
That ancient woman's life is hard.
I was grateful for the dishwasher.
I was grateful for the car. 
I was grateful for the washing machine. 
I was grateful for the cheap clothes.
I was grateful for frozen fish fingers.
I was grateful for a modern man. 
I was grateful for the childcare.
I was grateful to be able to be work. 
I was grateful to be able to shout about things I care about.
My ancient Dzao sisters could probably do with some of these rights/luxuries too. 
I can't deny them that. 
But our Planet Earth is hurting.
Balance is what we need. 
It's a day to celebrate.
But we need to keep talking.
We still need more.
We are not satisfied yet.



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