Woven Panel


Measurements: 34 cm x 10 cm


I actually don't know a huge amount about this piece. Some of you may have read that back in 2010, when I first set up Tamay & Me version 1. I had all my textiles stolen in the South of France, near to Montpellier. I was devastated, it was a huge suitcase full of about £5000 worth of beautiful old pieces. I stayed in France for 3 years doing other work, spending time with my French boyfriend and eventually had our first baby. I bought this piece in the France and was delighted to find a vintage textile that is perhaps Mien, though maybe from Laos or another minority group from Southern China? It is a beautiful very pretty piece of intricate weaving. I am selling this piece as I believe that I have to keep the textiles moving for me to continue helping the communities I work with to make new beautiful textiles for the future. If it speaks to you I would love for you to buy it ! 


Silk and cotton  


Hand wash very carefully if you really need to. 


UK : £4


For Vintage items we accept exchanges.