Rare Vintage Embroidered Jacket


An original men's Mien jacket. 


Arm span: 165 cm 

Body width: 155 cm 

Body length: 50 cm 


This vintage jacket comes from Taphin village, where Tamay lives. 

In Taphin, every year a woman will make her own clothes covered in beautiful hand stitched embroidery that tells stories of the Mien culture and connects women to the land, the mountains, the community and their story as Mien people.

Every woman will spend months and months on each panel of embroidery that makes up the jackets. Every panel of embroidery is intertwined with symbols and meaning that represent the stories of their ancient culture, where they came from and where and how they live now. 

Made with our signature handspun, handwoven cotton from north Vietnam, naturally dyed in fermented indigo 21 times creating an almost black blue.  The jacket is lightweight and embellished with unique hand stitched silk embroidery. 

Every jacket is slightly different.

The embroidery is reclaimed from Mien old clothes providing income for as many families as we can, Tamay is careful to select exquisite embroideries from families most in need of revenue at a certain time.


100% Cotton

Small-scale production, not certified organic but no chemicals are used.

Naturally fermented indigo dye. Dip dyed 21 times for a deeply saturated colour.


Handwash in cool water.
Line dry.
Hot iron.

We use ancient fermented indigo. There will be some colour rub when new so avoid contact with light colour fabrics and upholstery.


Tamay size chart


UK : £4


For Vintage items we accept exchanges.